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Food & Culture

The ingredients we use can reveal a lot about who we are and where we come from; the origins of each dish connect us to our history.

Food provides us with sustenance and delicious, flavourful experiences, but it also reminds us about the history of people – cultures and traditions from whole nations, cities, villages…or single families.


Food & The Home

There are endless cultural, health and economic benefits to cooking and eating at home. For generations, people have used nutritious, fresh ingredients to cook healthy dinners. And whether your dish is served in an earthenware bowl or on a china plate, every utensil and pot tells the story of the place where culinary magic happens.


Food & Friends

Eating together gives us the opportunity to create and strengthen relationships. We relate our dreams across the breakfast table, share our daily experiences over lunch, and tell stories and anecdotes while preparing dinner. It’s a time of discovery.

If the tables could talk…


The Great Gastronomic Project

Our goal is to bring together the very best elements of these three pillars, offering unique experiences to both our travelers and our hosts. The common denominator here is the passion for cooking and the taste for the very best food. And of course, there’s an abundance of opportunity to be in contact with local people, have direct immersion in the culture of wherever you’re visiting, and maybe even create a few traditions of your own.

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